Sespension Repaires

Suspension Repairs Professional mechanics at Pirie Mechanical Services are well-versed in various suspension systems. They will check your suspension system, identify any issues, consult with you about the necessary repairs, and make the required adjustments. A wheel alignment, shock absorber replacement, and steering fluid flush would fall under this category. Share it Professional mechanics at […]

Auto Air Conditioning

Auto Air Conditioning Air conditioning in a car is useful not only in the summer to avoid overheating but also in the winter to prevent fogged-up windows. Experienced technicians at Pirie Mechanical Services will inspect, balance, repair, and replace any parts necessary to operate your air conditioner at peak performance. Share it Air conditioning in […]

Break Repairs

Brake Repairs You shouldn’t put off brake inspections until they’re broken. It’s crucial to check your brakes regularly to ensure their proper functioning. If our mechanics determine that your braking system requires maintenance or repairs before it causes you any issues, they will let you know. Since the braking system is crucial to stopping the […]

Clutch Repaires

Clutch Repairs Clutch components are difficult to inspect because of their inaccessible location between the engine and transmission. You must hire a competent expert with the necessary tools and experience to replace the clutch in your vehicle. Pirie Mechanical Services can handle repairs on any model or make. Share it Clutch components are difficult to […]

LPG Services

LPG Services The LPG converter is vital equipment that must be inspected frequently. The average lifespan is 10 years, but it should be thoroughly inspected at each LPG service. Pirie Mechanical Adelaide is a team of certified LPG conversion and service mechanics who will get your vehicle running smoothly again. Share it The LPG converter […]