Brake Repairs

You shouldn't put off brake inspections until they're broken. It's crucial to check your brakes regularly to ensure their proper functioning. If our mechanics determine that your braking system requires maintenance or repairs before it causes you any issues, they will let you know.

Since the braking system is crucial to stopping the vehicle, fixing it should not be put off. We recommend you visit one of our Westside Repair shop immediately if you suspect a vehicle braking system problem.

With every service, we give your car a thorough safety check. The brake pads, rotors, and drums will be measured, and the suspension will be inspected for leaks. The aim is to check their condition and reliability so that you can make it to your next servicing without incident.

Modern electronic diagnostic and service equipment can be found at Westside Repair. Ensure your complete braking system is in good working order with our expert guidance and brake repairs.

The Most Often Encountered Brake Services and Repairs

Here are just a few of the various transmission-related services we provide for vehicles at our garage:

  • Change the brake pads or shoes; 
  • Machine the disc rotors or drums; 
  • Change the disc rotors or drums.
  • Adjusting the hand brake
  • Flushing and bleeding the brake fluid
  • Overhauling the braking system

Our professional mechanics utilize only name-brand fluids and parts to ensure your complete satisfaction, and we guarantee our labor and parts for 12 months or 20,000km.

Call us if you have any concerns about the condition of your brakes and suspension; we’ll walk you through the diagnostic procedure and help you fix any issues as soon as possible so that you may drive with peace of mind.